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Trustex Flavored Condom

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Condoms come in a variety of materials. Latex is still the most popular, but now there are lots of options for those who are allergic to, or don’t like the feel of natural rubber. Regardless of what condoms you use, most condoms come pre-lubricated, which is a good thing for some people, and not such a good thing for those highly sensitive types.

If you do buy lubricated condoms, you want to make sure that you avoid condoms that contain spermicidal lubricant, particularly non-oxynol 9. Non-oxynol 9 is more like a detergent, and while yes, it kills sperm, it can also do some major damage to the inside of her vagina, I’m talking tearing and burning here. And it can also increase the risk of HIV.

If your partner is allergic to latex, fear not safe sex friend. There are a host of non-latex options out there now, including lamb skin. The newest is called polyisoprene. Polyisoprene condoms are made from a natural rubber. They’re chemically the same as latex, although they don’t contain the natural proteins that cause latex allergies.
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