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Shunga Organica Kit

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Shunga Romantic Getaway Kit

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Lubricant Launcher - 3pc

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JO Gelato Hazelnut Espresso 4oz

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Lubricant is something that most women make naturally, although how much and how often can really vary. Being lubricated isn’t necessarily a sign of being aroused or not, but using lubricant is a sign that the sex you’re about to have, whatever type of sex that is, is going to have increased stimulation, easier penetration, and be even more pleasurable.

When shopping for lube, there are four basic types of lubricant. They are Water, silicone, oil, and petroleum-based. That being said, only two of the four types – water and silicone – are latex compatible. Water based lubes are the most user friendly, because they’re the easiest to wash off. Water-based lubes without glycerin are best for the most sensitive skin types, since glycerin is a sugar and can cause yeast infections for some women.

Silicone lubes are slick, and because they aren’t waters-soluble, they can make bath time, or any water-play, extra fun.

Oil and petroleum based lubes are best for hand jobs for him and work if you aren’t practicing safer sex, and don’t mind if you stain the sheets. Otherwise, stick to water based and silicone lubes.

There are also lubes that warm, that cool, that tingle and that taste. All of these preferences are personal, and you should consult with your body, and your partner, to find the right lube for you.
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